Type 0 - Reserved
Type 1 - Destination Unreachable
      Code 0 no route to destination
      Code 1 communication with destination administratively prohibited
      Code 2 beyond scope of source address
      Code 3 address unreachable
      Code 4 port unreachable
      Code 5 source address failed ingress/egress policy
      Code 6 reject route to destination
      Code 7 Error in Source Routing Header
Type 2 - Packet Too Big
Type 3 - Time Exceeded
      Code 0 hop limit exceeded in transit
      Code 1 fragment reassembly time exceeded
Type 4 - Parameter Problem
      Code 0 erroneous header field encountered
      Code 1 unrecognized Next Header type encountered
      Code 2 unrecognized IPv6 option encountered
Type 128 - Echo Request
Type 129 - Echo Reply
Type 130 - Multicast Listener Query
Type 131 - Multicast Listener Report
Type 132 - Multicast Listener Done
Type 133 - Router Solicitation
Type 134 - Router Advertisement
Type 135 - Neighbor Solicitation
Type 136 - Neighbor Advertisement
Type 137 - Redirect Message
Type 138 - Router Renumbering
      Code 0 Router Renumbering Command
      Code 1 Router Renumbering Result
      Code 255 Sequence Number Reset
Type 139 - ICMP Node Information Query
      Code 0 The Data field contains an IPv6 address which is the Subject of this Query.
      Code 1 The Data field contains a name which is the Subject of this Query, or is empty, as in the case of a NOOP.
      Code 2 The Data field contains an IPv4 address which is the Subject of this Query.
Type 140 - ICMP Node Information Response
      Code 0 A successful reply.  The Reply Data field may or may not be empty.
      Code 1 The Responder refuses to supply the answer.  The Reply Data field will be empty.
      Code 2 The Qtype of the Query is unknown to the Responder.  The Reply Data field will be empty.
Type 141 - Inverse Neighbor Discovery
Type 142 - Inverse Neighbor Discovery
Type 144 - Home Agent Address Discovery
Type 145 - Home Agent Address Discovery
Type 146 - Mobile Prefix Solicitation
Type 147 - Mobile Prefix Advertisement
Type 148 Certification Path Solicitation Message
Type 149 Certification Path Advertisement Message
Type 150 ICMP messages utilized by experimental mobility protocols such as Seamoby
Type 151 Multicast Router Advertisement
Type 152 Multicast Router Solicitation
Type 153 Multicast Router Termination
Type 154 FMIPv6 Messages
Type 155 RPL Control Message
Type 156 ILNPv6 Locator Update Message
Type 157-199 Unassigned
Type 200 Private experimentation
Type 201 Private experimentation
Type 255 Reserved for expansion of ICMPv6 informational

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