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My solution for lines on hand outs is as follows
View -> handouts
arrange slides to Left hand margin

To view the slide size, select it in the layout, and from the menu
Format -> Position and Size

Create a box on the right hand side of the layout the same heigth as slide and as much width as possible. (I used the drawing tools to draw a blue rectangle )

Change the background color as appropriate
Change line style to Invisible to loose the frame (menu bar)
Change Fill style to Hatching by
Right clicking on the object
Select area from menu
Select Hatching Tab
Select Black 0 degree from available hatches
Change spacing to 0.38"
Click on add and give the hatch a name like Note Lines 1
Click ok

Copy the object

Use Paste Special
Select Impress 8 from the dialog.

a copy should now be on the layout.
Move and repeat as necessary.